Jully Black has attitude and comes out swinging: [Toronto Edition]

28-Jun-2005 | SHARE:

Jully Black - This Is Me (Soul Diggaz/Universal)

Jully Black has been a figure on Toronto's R&B-hip-hop scene for some time. She comes out swinging here, giving classic club jams a twist, dabbling in dancehall reggae and even reeling in Nas for a guest rap. Black has attitude, which gives her songs a refreshing injection of personality. The production backs her up. Such little touches as the choirs and turntable stop on the Mary J.-ish Hurt You Bad, and the time-warped strings on the bluesy, Saukrates-produced The Things You Do give her songs edge. Every track has something to commend it and Black stays in control throughout. Strong songwriting seals the deal, putting this disc on par with anything released stateside. T'Cha Dunlevy, CanWest News Service


Black & White Photo: ALBUM COVER: This Is Me by Jully Black

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