Club Show: Jully Black: [Final Edition]

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You ain't seen "slit-up-to-there" until you've seen the dress slit-up-to-there sported by Toronto RnB songstress Jully Black on the cover of her new album Revival. But unlike many of her scantily clad contemporaries, Black's got the pipes and the songwriting chops to back it up--she penned 10 of the 11 tracks on Revival, the 11th being a cover of Etta James's "7 Day Fool." If you've heard the sex ooze from her dance-floor hit "Sweat Of Your Brow," off her 2005 album This Is Me, you know the kind of heat the sultry singer can generate. It's just what November needs.

- Jully Black performs Monday, Nov. 5 at the HIFi Club, 219 10th Ave. S.W. Tickets $15 at TM, MG.


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