A Fusion Festival to remember

24-Jul-2008 | SHARE:

I have been to many festivals in our cities, and last weekend I attended the Fusion Festival.

Wow! It was the most diverse, entertaining, friendly, well-organized event I have ever seen.

Singers from world-renowned artists Jully Black and Jazzy B, to local talents A-Slam, Dal Hothi, Jagua and many more... they were all excellent.

Diverse entertainment from Japanese drummers to bhangra dancers to top chef winner Gurj Dhaliwal making kebabs!

And the food... from El Salvador to Jamaica and all countries in between,


Kudos to the organizers for sufficient clean washrooms, ample recycling/regular garbage bins, information booths, security (not that it was required), great sound systems... you guys thought of it all.

A few months ago I attended a festival in Vancouver.

A drunkard fell onto my sister-in-law as she was pushing her baby's stroller, and everything - including the baby - fell.

As she gathered her child and belongings, dazed and injured, not a single Vancouverite came to her aid.

They just watched or strolled by.

I was disgusted at the apathetic attitudes of that city's residents and wondered what impression the world would get when they arrive for the Olympics.

Last weekend in Surrey my faith in humanity was renewed.

Thank you to everyone who celebrated our country's diversity.

Also thanks to all those men/boys who were accepting/curious enough to actually wear turbans for the day.

The picture I have left in my mind is that of the little Oriental boy who was wearing a white turban and eating a samosa, and next to him there was an Indian grandma watching the Brazilian dancers while eating Mexican tacos.

Fusion perfection!

Thank you, Surrey.

Hardeep Kaur Jheeta

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